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Fun in the sun all summer long!


Equines and Equestrians, Inc. was established to cater to the Equines (horses) and Equestrians (horse lovers). E & E is a place where people and the horses they love can come together to enjoy riding, grooming, or even just sharing time in a sub-tropical paradise. We offer a full service facility for the entire family. We teach the art of horsemanship in a safe, fun, family friendly atmosphere. Safety and confidence are most important when dealing with our equine friends. Our goal is to provide excellent care and safety in a comfortable atmosphere. At E & E we share your love and respect for horses, we have fun, enjoy our horses, ride together and appreciate the warmth of a good home. Stop by for a visit, all welcome!

• Teaches responsibility
• Teaches discipline
• Teaches respect
• Teaches patience
• Great exercise
• Boosts self-esteem
• Teaches camaraderie
• Teaches maturity
• Improves judgment
• Most of all it is fun!


Premier Equestrian Facility