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(My horse and I) are already doing great and every single lesson where I think Brandy can't make me work harder than that..well she makes me work even harder the next lesson.  Even though I only trot for now she always switches it up. So even doing only one thing I still learn more of it every lesson becuase it's different even doing only one thing, unlike at (previous farms) where I did the same thing every lesson and no difference. To be honest my first lesson at E & E was more than I did combined in my riding life.  I had recently had a set back (from) a riding accident, so usually at my (pervious) barn, it would have taken 2 months to get back to where I was before the accident # lessons in to my time with Brandy, I was progressing more than ever before.  E & E is a comforting, yet determined place.

Ariella Mayden (age 11)  2021

Before we moved to Equines & Equestrians, our horse was refusing 2’6” jumps and could not make it through a simple course.  Due to this, my daughter had lost all confidence in herself, as well as her horse.  Our horse Rocky is stubborn and not necessarily easy to work with, it was difficult for me to find a trainer who would be willing and able to work with him. Brandy worked with both of them very patiently on correcting Rocky’s bad habits, and my daughter’s riding style. Thanks to their expertise, hard work and dedication, my daughter has learned how to work with her horse correctly, has gained her confidence back, and now they are competing at a 3’ level.

Martina Cutter

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Equines and Equestrians is a great place to keep your horse. Brandy is an excellent trainer that provides the nuts and bolts to the rider to really help them progress and move forward.

Denise Fermo

Equines & Equestrians is a great place.  I feel that once I came here my best was brought out and I started progressing into the rider I am today.  Brandy and Kalie helped me team up with my equine partner, and have helped us to grow as a team.  I was given opportunities that other farms did not give me.  And I appreciate everything they do for Mya and I.  The care is top notch and facility is safe and clean.

Marcus Cmola-Au

Equines and Equestrians is a great place to board and take lessons. Brandy is a very professional trainer for all levels and really makes you feel at home. She has quality lesson and sale horses and provides quality care. Highly recommended!

Jennifer Phillips

We are so happy to have found E&E. Brandy is a great coach. She is hands on, easy to work with and very responsive. Our daughter has learned so much from Brandy and Katie. She has not only improved in riding skills but also in sportsmanship. E&E is the right place if you are looking for a friendly, family like atmosphere where you can enjoy the sport you love.

Xin Renger 2021

Brandy Rivas taught me everything i know today in riding. How to jump, how to flat, and most importantly how to really RIDE. I’m eternally grateful for everything i learned!

Charlie Berch (age 14) 2021

What's not to like about E&E. Clean stalls with plenty of shavings, quality hay, premium grain, regular turnout and Brandys commitment to the safety of horse and rider. E&E is the best kept secret.

Elaine Slansky


Fantastic experience at E and E. Great trainers and a wonderful group of clients.

Beth Giddings

Brandy moved into my neighborhood and since then She has turned my life around. She always welcomes me over. When I go to the barn all the ponies are clean and healthy. Over all this is a clean well kept place.

Rabecca Lord